Tips for a Great Visit with Santa


R.J. McDonald. Used with permission.

“We want your party to go great. Follow these tips and have a great time.”

Preparing for Santa

  • Reserve a special parking place for Santa. Have some fun and put a sign out “reserved for Santa”. This should be as close to the party as possible.
  • Telephone. Keep a phone line open so Santa can make final arrangements before the grand entrance.
    Have your gifts wrapped and well labeled. If Santa is to bring in presents, the person meeting him can help fill Santa’s bag. They should fit into one 35-gallon plastic bag.
  • Grand Entrance. Get everyone together before Santa enters. Then, at the right moment Santa can pop in and join everyone in the fun.
  • Santa’s helpers. If you have a large group of children to see Santa, you should assign someone to be Santa’s helper. Santa Claus Entertainment can also provide a Mrs. Claus (that’s me!) and any number of elves from the workshop.
    Setting the Scene. Place Santa’s chair near your Christmas tree or in a holiday setting with plenty of light. No glass windows behind Santa. Maybe in front of a fireplace (with no fire) with stockings hanging or any festive type of backdrop.
  • Have a sturdy chair for Santa to sit in. A good straight-back, ARMLESS dining room chair works well. No armchairs please.

Photos and Videos

  • Have your camera ready. Be sure to have plenty of memory cards and video tape to capture all the fun. Recharge your batteries and have some extras just in case.
  • Think about photos with everyone. We encourage everyone to sit on Santa’s Lap. Yes, Grandma and Grandpa, teenagers, Mom and Dad. Don’t forget the babies.
  • Share your photos on our Facebook page, (and yours too!) after the party. We love to show all of our friends how much fun Santa can be.
  • Consider sharing your photos from last year as you prep for this year so your friends can get into the fun, too. We’re covering so much more than just Atlanta now! Santa is everywhere.

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