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Schedule a Vist from Santa


Santas visit boys and girls of all ages all year round.

At we schedule Santas' Atlanta area visits, but we can book Santas Globally.

Remember, kids, only grown-ups can make an appointment with Santa. (If you want Santa to surprise your parents, you have to get a grown-up friend or relative to help you make the appointment!)

This is not a reservation, it is only a request. One of Santa's helpers will call you to confirm your age and your reservation times and consult on pricing.

Or, if you just don't want to wait for our call to you,
call Santa's helper, toll-free at 844-888-9627 now.

* indicates required field

If known, please include the address of the location where the event will take place:

The best daytime phone number for reaching you (or the Event coordinator).
When should Santa arrive?

Add any additional information needed below. Age ranges and number of guests at the event. Please let us know if you have worked with us in the past and the names of your previous Santa and Elves.


Please remember:

This is not your reservation, it is only a request. One of Santa’s helpers will call you to confirm your reservation.

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